TEXAS ROOTS - by, Margaret Goynes - Olson

     ~ A monumental work of family and Texas history. ~

Printed by Southern Historical Press - ISBN: 0971774617

Archival acid free paper - 900 page hardback - 7 ¼  x  2 ¾  x  10 ¼



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TEXAS ROOTS; a valuable Source Book for historians and genealogists, covering San Patricio County, Gussettville, Texas, Gussettville's St. Joseph Church and Cemetery, Irish Immigration, early Texas settlers, Texas history, Spanish Land Grants, old photographs, wills, maps, genealogy and more.

Fondly nicknamed, “The Red Bible”, TEXAS ROOTS is an heirloom to be handed down for generations to come.

Margaret Goynes – Olson’s calling as a lifelong historian began as a curious teenager in the 1950’s growing up in the country of her home place, Goynes Junction; George West, Texas.

The old Bible from Ireland that was kept in the Daniel Goynes family cedar chest (at Goynes Junction) was brought to Texas by Bridget “Biddy” Fox – McMurray (b. 1813 in Co. Leitrim, Ireland; d. 1894 in Oakville, Texas).  The bible held the seeds of names and dates of relatives from another land, Ireland, which fascinated Margaret.  This fascination grew into a monumental body of work in Margaret’s 50 years to follow.

Long before the internet or computers, Margaret, being next to the youngest of 9 living children, understood that her aging parents and elder’s memories of the past would be forever forgotten if they were just spoken and not put in writing.  So Margaret spent her lifetime doing just that.  She mined the memories of her grandmother Lewis’ sister, Aunt Rooney Mae McKinney, who had a talent for remembering names, dates and stories and a long list of others Margaret thanked by name in TEXAS ROOTS.   We are very fortunate to have the history which would be forever forgotten without Margaret’s selfless tenacity in the days when records were kept by hand or not at all.

Old Texas Settlers, who first settled in South Texas, most of them coming from Counties in Ireland (County Leitrim and surrounding areas.), and their descendants are in Vol. 1. The time period starts about 1760. Some of the original family names are Fox, McMurray, McGinnis, Sheeran, McGloin, Gallagher, Dolan, and many others.

For more information or special requests, please contact Margaret’s daughter; Lena Gaylene Olson.  email:  TexasRoots.com@gmail.com